Melni Connectors partners with Southern Field Welding

Southern Field Wielding has been involved in several projects with Melni Connectors. They have worked with us on the basic design, material sourcing and manufacturing advice for a number of our products. We have worked closely with SFW on design optimization on our current line connectors.  SFW is currently building a few working prototypes for product development testing as well as product certification testing. 

SFW offers a variety of design and layout capabilities with its in-house engineering department. They utilize SolidWorks software, a partner of ours, that enables equipment and layouts to be realized in 3D for customer planning and approval prior to construction. Their manufacturing capabilities include a full service machine shop, field crews and large fabrication bays. We are more than happy with our partnership with SFW and fully endorse them for your engineering and fabrication needs.

SFW offers a variety of services tailored to the customer’s needs. With our main focus in Food Processing Equipment, SFW offers design and layout capability with in-house engineering. Manufacturing capabilities includes a full service machine shop, field crew, and large fabrication bays. SFW is uniquely suited to provide custom built solutions from custom engineered designs.