Melni products are changing the standards in electrical connection technology. Our patented devices are revolutionizing the electrical industry by offering a faster, safer and cost-effective way to transfer power. These innovative alternatives were designed to allow for quick and reliable connectivity without the need for specialized tools or timely processes.

At Melni Connectors it is our vision to be the global leaders in electrical device design and manufacturing. We hope to achieve this by providing excellent customer service and quality products.

EC&M Product of the Year

Melni Connectors is proud to announce we are this year's recipient of the Product of the Year in the Connectors & Terminating Devices Category from Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine for our Direct Burial and Submersible Connectors.


Melni has created a splice connector for immediate response and emergency situations. When a scenario requires electricity in a hurry, whether it's for a natural disaster or forward military base, Melni's Emergency Splice is there to make the job easier.

Renewable Energy

The Melni MPV-4 Connector and Modular Connector are two devices that will soon be revolutionizing the renewable energies industry. These connectors were built specifically for wind and solar farm installation, drastically cutting the time it takes to make each connection.


Currently in development is Melni's Battery Terminal Connector. Using the same patented spiral design as the Splice Connector, the BTC will allow an operator to replace a faulty battery terminal without needing to use special tools.


The Melni line of agricultural connectors enables electricians to quickly and easily splice underground wires. Crimping tools are not required, thus allowing the electrician to work in smaller spaces (doesn't need to dig a large hole).

Byron Dunn, a 30 year lineman veteran, appeared with Melni and the company’s CFO Armand Eckert to demonstrate line repair process. He told the investors that the traditional crimping process takes about 10 minutes per connection, and that the thousands of pounds of force that it takes to crimp a connector can often mean health problems for utility workers.

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