Battery Terminal

  • No crimping or soldering required
  • No need for specialized tools or die sets
  • Quickly and easily installed


The Melni Battery Terminal Connector is our answer to the common crimp, bolt and solder-on terminals.  This product is still in development and will be available for sale by Spring 2018.

  • Ease of Installation: The Melni Battery Terminal connectors are easier to use then a regular crimp, bolt or solder-on connector. They can be installed with no tools other then what is needed to cut and strip the cable.
  • Installation Time: The connectors are much easier to install, as they don’t require a special crimper or heat source.
  • Transparent Body Design: The transparent body enables the user to quickly spot a faulty connector by allowing them to look at the copper insert through the clear polymer body.
  • The cable is saved when replacing a connector: By breaking the locking caps on either end, a Melni can be replaced without having to cut out a piece of the conductor.
  • The strands of the cable are sealed from corrosion: One of the main causes of failure in battery terminals is corrosive chemicals leaching up through the strands of the battery cable itself. Our terminal prevents this by creating an air and liquid tight seal around the cable insulation.