Lug Terminal

The Terminal Connector is Melni’s answer to the common crimp on lug and spade terminals. THIS PRODUCT IS IN TESTING AND DEVELOPMENT.


This product is patented design concept only to show the versatility of the Melni connecting system. Engineering and prototyping are set to be completed by Spring 2018.

  • Ease of Installation: The Melni Terminal connectors are easier to use then a regular crimp-style connector. They can be installed with no tools other then what is needed to cut and strip the cable.
  • Clear body design: The transparent body enables electricians and linemen to quickly spot a faulty connector by allowing them to look at the aluminum insert through the clear polymer body.
  • The cable is saved when replacing a connector: By breaking the locking caps on either end, a Melni can be replaced without having to cut out a section of the conductor.
  • Works well on both stranded and solid conductors: It even works on the ultra flexible cables that have many more strands.
  • Many variations seal out the strands of the cable: This is valuable in corrosive environments, like battery terminals. It prevents the leaching of caustic chemicals into the cable which cause failure over time.