Modular Connector

  • No crimping or special tools required
  • Insulated and submersible
  • Quick & easy installation


The Melni Modular is a revolutionary new take on the standard terminal block. It offers the flexibility that the standard terminals can’t match. You choose the number, size, and even the angle of the connections that you want to make.  The Modular Connector will be available Spring 2018.

  • Variety of installations: The Melni Modular system can be put together and used in a variety of ways that are sure to be popular with linemen and electricians.
  • The connections can be rotated: The modular system uses a series of octagon dowels that allow the connections to be put together in 45 degree increments.
  • The cable is saved when replacing a connector: By breaking the locking caps on either end, a Melni can be replaced without having to cut out a section of the conductor.
  • Waterproof connections: The Melni Modular system is being designed as a direct-burial ready connection.