My name is Ron Rinehart. I am Manager of Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) of Twin Falls, Idaho. I also manage the CED Profit Center in Jerome, Idaho. I have been in the electrical industry since 1971. I have worked as a panel builder, an apprentice electrician, and a wholesale distributor.

Over the past 30+ years, I have seen literally dozens of so-called, "new" devices for terminating wire. Some have made a successful impact in the market, and others have come and gone. I believe Mark Melni's wire termination invention is truly revolutionary. I have been asked, many times, for a wire termination that does not require purchase and use of an expensive crimp tool to make a wire termination. Even with the use of a proper tool, crimp terminations can fail, especially if installed by an untrained-or undertrained-person. Mark's invention would be virtually "tool-less" and could easily replace many different existing wire terminations and could be properly installed without specialized training.

I am eagerly awaiting production of this wire terminal and would be willing to stock and support promotion and sale of the end-product to our electrical contractor, OEM and industrial customers."

Ron Rinehart,

Manager CED - Twin Falls, Idaho CED - Jerome, Idaho

I have looked at, and understand, the application of Mark Melni's invention, and I think it is by far the best design I have ever seen. The surface area of the conductor is contacted in a manner that is far superior to a crimp connection, thereby eliminating the heat problem from a bad crimp.

Steven Westphal, Licensed Journeyman Electrician

State of Idaho - ELE J 4971 - Issued 01.11.80
Electrical Contractor - ELE C 13609 - Issued 04.20.92
Public Works Contractor - PW C 11079 - Issued 04.05.93

I have been in the electrical distribution industry for over 26 years. Over the years, I have seen... many different gadgets that have been invented by electricians...this terminal connector, I think, is revolutionary. I, as an electrical distributor, feel this product...will change forever the way manufacturers look at the way they make their terminals. I would also be one of the first to stock and promote this product in the field."

Garret K. Karl, Manager

Columbia Electric Supply

I graduated from Great Basin College in Electrical Technology in 1998. Since then, I have worked as an industrial electrician and controls technician in the mining and food processing industries. I have had the opportunity to work around motors and electrical connections from 1 HP to 6000 HP and voltages of up to 24kV. During my experience in the field, I have seen numerous connection failures in many different applications. I have seen and understand the theory of operation of the invention that Mark Melni is proposing, and I believe this invention will change the industry standard for electrical connections. His design is perfect. The area of the conductor that makes contact with the connector, and any other conductors that are included in the connection, far surpasses that of any connector that I have ever seen on the market, greatly reducing heat in the connection. And, a by-product of this design is that by the design itself, human error is virtually eliminated, and good connections can be made-every time. I can't stress enough how important I think it is to the industry that you take the time to see how this invention works. You will not be disappointed.

Kirt Johnson, Manager

Darigold Process Control Division
Jerome Idaho Plant
Idaho Electrical License #J16115

My name is Mark Groves I am currently a Lineman Training Specialist at Northwest Lineman College, I also own Groves Innovations a tool development company. I have been in the power delivery field for over 17 years. In regards to the products that Mr. Melni has shown to me the Inline Quick Splice and the Spiral twist on wire connector that both utilize the Spiral Core Connector; I'm impressed in two ways as a Lineman in the efficiency of installation and as a product developer in the simple and strong design of both products. I'm very much looking forward to the opportunity to use both of these products in the field.

Mark J. Groves

Northwest Lineman College